Wednesday, 5 August 2009

What's a Blog?

Well It's been quite a while. Since starting the idea of this blog, to keep track of odds and sods i find online relating to cycling The Guardian have started quite a comprehensive blog updating it with comings and goings and pertinent issues. So rather than just bookmarking all their articles, or extracting links I've just been reading that and will come back to this more regularly I hope once I start to get a bit more involved again.

Haven't struck out on any great adventures this summer, the last biggish ride was my reverse London to Brighton, or the Hove to Hackbridge as it was for me. I left from Hove in the morning and made my way to Ditchling Beacon, and from there i just tried to go where i would imagine would be the opposite direction to where the official London to Brighton had gone the previous day. There were a couple of wrong turns and my new wheel had become incredibly loose so i was having to stop and tighten spokes every mile towards the end in order to keep it going.

A ride to Barcelona had been mentioned, but a lack of work or money has put the kybosh on that, for me at least.

No, the new direction for me in the current climate is to re-educate. Rather than just try and improve transport issues, particularly with cycling, i have applied and been accepted to Uni, and though it will be tough just surviving, I hope that in the long run I will be able to contribute more with formal education and training rather than just by winging it, as I always have.

By moving to Bristol I also hope that I can get involved in the whole Cycling City thing. I've read it being slagged quite a bit but hope with my project management experience I may be able to get involved and see from the inside what works and what doesn't. After all the whole idea of going into full time study at 30 is a bit daunting and I've gotta make the most of every opportunity and give myself the very best chance of getting the best job when i get out. As well as educate myself about how to carry out that job the best i can when i get there. From where i sit now I hope to be able to look back in 30 years time and pin point improvements in transport and specifically cycling facilities thanks to my input.

Also on the up side is being in Bristol I can hopefully get out to some proper mountains once in a while, as well as getting to grips with the urban riding thing again.

More than anything this entry is a message to myself in 5 years to see if the time was well spent. I hope so.