Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What London can learn from America's Cycling cities

The year of P2P is almost out, but there has been a recent flurry of activity.  Apart from me trying to organise all the pictures I've printed there was a reunion at the NLA last week, bringing all the riders (almost) together with sponsors and supporters to catch up, and share the research and stories from the road.

The relevance of the research and the significance of the ride has also prompted a reinvigorated effort form the team, and Peter in particular in how further deaths from dangerous cycling conditions can be avoided.  So today Peter, as part of the Mayor's design council has presented a refreshed report to Boris.

It's available from the P2P website.

What London can Learn from America's Cycling cities
The last couple of pages summarise the key updates beyond a smoother look and feel from the previous version.

As I'm here it's worth mentioning a slightly lighter side of the P2P adventure that Tom, Bob & Grant have all published Blurb books with some outstanding pictures and memories from the road.

And if you're really interested in wider transportation and city connectivity issues I can recommend this UN Habitat report, which has been my recent commute home read.