Thursday, 28 March 2013

It's all getting rather close

Well it'll only be me who looses out by not keeping this blog up to date.  And I have just been reminded that as of today it is only 28 days until we set off from Portland on our journey.

But after a busy day of P2P activity yesterday my mind is swimming with all the upcoming adventures and challenges.  There has been an immense amount of work going on behind the scenes to get this trip going and it all seems to be coming together nicely.

We received all our Rapha kit and Paul Smith socks this week, and yesterday Greg did a great job getting some team photos of us by Tower Bridge.

Kitted Up
this is my own snap of the kit for illustrative purposes only, full shots to follow

We had a very constructive team meeting over dinner after the opening of the Planes Trains and Drains exhibition at the Building Centre.  There are a combination of nerves and excitement through the group but a great supportive team spirit already and the more items come into place the more I'm looking forward to the trip.

Have finally set up my virgin giving account here:  so if you're reading this you really should pop along there and sponsor me aye!  There's the incentive that I'll send you a postcard, and everyone loves getting proper post that isn't a bill.

Apart from the logistical organisation, there's also still plenty to do on the research front, finding people to see, places to ride, infrastructure to visit and so on.  It is a bit of an indulgence that there is so much stuff happening around cycling policy and culture, and the more I read, the more I find.

In London there have been a couple of promising documents: the 'Mayors Vision for Cycling in London' and the Department for Transports 'Door to Door: A strategy for improving sustainable transport integration'.

So along with the All Party Cycling Committee and get Britain cycling campaign our trip and research are certainly going to be contributing nicely to a growing body of work.  By the time we return this seemingly endless winter should have given way to an extended heatwave bringing more cyclists out and raising the issue further up the agenda.

Along with outcomes from the National Bike Summit in Washington DC from my point of view it does seem that at the very least cycling issues do seem to be being considered more holistically and policy makers are accepting the advantages, as well as the various advocacy groups being more organised and vocal.

My challenge for the next few weeks it to put together a rough itinerary of what to see and do along the trip in terms of cycling infrastructure.  Whilst continuing to digest the seemingly endless literature, commentary and policy surrounding cycling in the places we're visiting and beyond with a critical eye.