Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Cycling Safely

Another couple of articles, boy are they increasing, this week. Both in the times regarding safety.

Bascally both about with the rise in popularity of cycling, but the lack of cyclists taking responsibility. Thre people pointed out the ipod zombies article. Addressing the issue of cyclists riding with ipods on full volume, oblivious to thier surroundings. A standard danger admittedly, but just as bad are pedestrians as distracted and drivers even more so. I used to barely ever ride without music, but now will only really ever have tunes in rare occasions, and never on busy roads, even less so on quiet ones for that matter.

The other article is along the same lines, but a bit more about cyclist taking responsibility. The part that i picked up on most was that for the cycling revolution to really take hold then cyclist will need to obey the rules. Now I'm trying to be as good as possible, will always stop for a red, though i may once n a while creep off before the green so long as nothing is coming. But it would definatly be a good thing if there were more training for cyclists and a fair bit more awareness.