Friday, 13 September 2013

Report to MP's

When not whistling through the countryside or cities of a strange land the adventures seem less immediate, and less worthy of commentary.

But a couple of weeks ago we released the first research output of the ride.  It was circulated to MP's for the opening of parliament and the debate to 'Get Britain Cycling'.

Take a look at it here:

P2P report to MP's : Learning from America.
There is, as always, plenty of other stuff to talk about in relation to this.  Other endless commentary and analysis of policy, action, inaction.  Infrastructure, money promises.  There are also more comprehensive reports to compile in the coming weeks, but my focus has to change into more long term adventures for now.

But whilst doing that there will be plenty of time to re-visit the P2P stuff here, the research, friendships, pictures, movies and memories.  And there is plenty more to do to get Britain cycling.  But right now I'm at a desk ploughing a furrow in my brow.

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