Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Meanwhile in London

A triumphant and joyus return.  Covered by Peter very nicely on the Architects Newspaper Blog.  Also coverage in World Architecture News.

Everyone has the usual questions: What was it like? Was it difficult? What was the best bit? Is it good to be back?  I just point everyone in the direction of this blog and ask them to come back to me once they've read it.  Then I'll answer any extra questions.

The work continues, apart form re-adjustment to being back home, which ain't so difficult in glorious summer sunshine.  But loosing the adrenalin of being constantly on the move is a shame.  The 'glory' of arrival has faded already, it's already old news, but the ongoing research project is at the forefront of my mind.  We have amassed a huge amount of information and footage, pictures and advice.  It took a good day just to type up all my notes from the various meetings, and do a little brainstorming over the recurrent themes.  None of which haven't been covered elsewhere: politics, funding, culture and so on.  But we certainly have an attractive way of presenting new findings to add to the growing argument for more cyclalised cities.

Space 4 Cycling Protest Ride 16th July 2013
Space 4 Cycling Protest Ride 16th July 2013

As a further reminder of the need to bring this subject up the agenda I joined the Space 4 Cyclists protest ride yesterday afternoon following a research team meeting with Peter & Bob.  I try to steer clear of the politics of protest rides and so on too much.  And when there has been a death, people become very emotional.  The city needs to be made safer for cyclists, and everyone attaches their own meanings and interpretations to the events surrounding the protest and what brought it about.  These events are important, most of all in the diversity of people attending, there are a real cross section of people who want these streets to be safer, and there is little appetite for hearing all the objections or reasons why it cant happen (money, space, political will) when you are stopped at wreaths for a man who was just trying to get across town on a hot summers day.

Space 4 Cycling Protest Ride 16th July 2013
Space 4 Cycling Protest Ride 16th July 2013

Our timeline for research is that there is a London Cycling Summit on the 31st July where Peter will be presenting initial findings and progress.  Then the intention is to have a CABE style guide with case studies and a sort of 'best practice' and lessons from the road guide which will be easily digestible and attractive.  Along with a more in depth series of recommendations and lessons to be ready for the 2nd September when there is a parliamentary debate on the Get Britain Cycling report.

So on with the work.  I'll keep you posted, as well as re-visiting parts of the trip that seem noteworthy.

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