Monday, 29 April 2013

Biggs Junction to Umatilla

Well, the tailwinds continue.

Departed at 8 on the dot almost out of Biggs Junctions, whic was a small place, but a big junction, constant stream of trucks refuelling.  Headed back over the bridge to Washingston state, leaving Oregon once more.  There were horrific side winds going over the bridge and a couple of miles climb to re join the Lewis & Clark Highway A.K.A. highway 14.

Highway 14

Tailwinds and warm but slight cloud cover made for good riding.  Top speed of 46.3 m.p.h. Average speed over 86 miles of over 19m.p.h. !! good going indeed.

Sarah Nic & Tom

The landscape stayed more or less the same, tough flattened out a little with the odd bit of tumbleweed.  Lots of the kind of long straight roads I've been looking forward to, though not quite endless highways yet.

Powerlines aplenty from the hydro generation and wind turbines.

We stopped off in a place called Roosevelt.  The owners were very hospitable and handled the swarm of cycling architects well.  Though I'd sworn off pancakes for a little while after about 5 days straight, I saw that they were called Ben's pancakes, so couldn't resist an omen like that, They were much better than those in the hotel previously, so not a bad thing, til I got on the road again.

Ben's Pancakes

They kept a guest book in the restaurant  which was filled with commentary by various other cross country cyclists, almost all of which were commenting on head or tail winds.  We are certainly doing this part of the trip the right way around.

The Road Well Travelled

So just barrelled down the road the rest of the way really.  Very fast, but aching a bit now as I drop off for the night.

Highway 14, Washington State

Terrible side winds on the freeway coming back over to Oregon and accommodation at in Umatilla.  Much mirth at the name of the hotel "tillicum Inn" lots of 'gentlemen's entertainment' none of which is open on a Monday

  • Peanut butter coffee!
  • Dead cat
  • Cooney Lane
  • Cheeseburger Pizza
  • And reminders that I am well down the league table of sponsorship collection.. so please do chip in at least a token amount if you're reading this.  It is very much appreciated so avoid my red faced shame!

May try a digital blackout for a couple of days... think it may be good for some proper reflection on Portland and the ride so far, and where to go ahead.

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