Monday, 27 May 2013

Huron today Gone tomorrow

Ahem, yep, we keep zipping through America.  Still in South Dakota.  Huron is a town 'famous' for it's giant pheasant.  Well worth the visit, however, now I've seen it I'm concerned as to whether it's worth continuing the journey any further.  But I'll persevere.

Huron: Home to the worlds largest pheasant

We left Highmore after a hearty breakfast over the road from the Prairie Inn Motel at around 8 am under the cover of mist.  Was quiet a chilled ride, still some pretty ropey hard shoulders, but cycling in the mist was quite nice.  Not being able to see a few hundred meters means you can just ride forward without thinking about anything beyond that.  But quite a gentle ride all together, a little bit of headwind, but nothing to worry about too much.  Still a flat landscape mostly.  But still with those poor shoulders there was a fair amount of traffic compared so some of the roads we've ridden.  Though it being memorial day mostly leisurely drivers towing mobile homes and boats and whatnot.

Cycling into the mist
Misty Morning

  • There was a terrapin massacre down one section of road where the poor critters didn't have much of a chance.  
  • Stopped and looked at a train
  • ate some lunch
  • Cycled into Huron
  • Checked into the motel 6
  • had a swim
  • Walked into Huron for dinner
  • not much open so had a Mexican

DHL on the Horizon
P2P Cycling the 14

So; a list of small town America Movies

.... o goodness, I've become devoid of movie knowledge... must've been on the road too long.  Come to think of it, I've only watched 2 movies in the last month.  Maybe soon I'll make a blog of all the things i'm looking forward to when I get home.  But onward to Watertown tomorrow.

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