Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lowell to Lolo Springs and Beyond

Rest day: Did what it says on the tin, up early for breakfast but just chilling all day, a little reading... finally managed to finish Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, which is very appropriate for our little jaunt.

  • watching bike cleaning
  • watching hummingbirds
  • watching the river
  • watching the road

Ryan's Wilderness Inn

Essentially apart from the 100 metre walk to the phone box I barely moved all day untill dinner time, where I was presented with my second cake, which was nice.  Didn't even clean my bike as it was in reasonable condion form Walla Walla.

The ride to Lolo Hot Springs was going to be quite long so there was an early set off on Sunday morning.  I've lost my glassess and gloves somewhere along the way, but hey ho!  The weatehr is perfect again, with slight headinds along the way.  We were following the Lochsa River upstream, so uphill.  Again.

Lochsa River
4 a-breast

  • Chilling at the back mostly, trying to take the wind on some of the tougher parts.
  • Rafters coming back down the river
  • The traffic was generally quite light and no big  big trucks, just big trucks.

Nic Rides

Eventually we vered off form the river, and all knew that there was a final climb up to Lolo pass.  Was probably the most challenging riding so far.  But the views on the way up were truly stunning.  Was just a matter of keeping on spinning all the way really.  Lots of snow melt and a few more vehicles, bust still glorious sunshine.

The Ride up to Lolo Pass
Looking back to Idaho

Up at the Pass pelotom was taking a shower in the snowmelt then rolling around in snow.. bit excessive but good to see him invigorated

Snow melt at Lolo Pass

After another photocall and bit of rest there was an awesome downhill to Lolo Springs resort.  put some tunes on and bombed it down.

The lodge at Lolo hot springs was great, tons of room and lovely refreshing hot springs to soothe the legs at the end of the day.  There was anice meal in good spirits and a really good feel of team accomplishment after a long hard day.

The short day into Missoula meant a couple of photo shoots and again being stunned at how quickly scenery changes.  A routre change means an extra day to spend in Missoula.  Which by the time the day has finished and I've explored a little more I should be able to summarise a little more.

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